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Big Wheel 500

Big Wheel

Key Benefits

Short-coupled Trailers

You want less crop damage, so Fast sprayers utilize short-coupled trailers with one of the shortest hitch-pin to axle length in the industry. Because the trailer closely follows the tractor, less crop is damaged during turns.

Boom Height Adjustability

You need the flexibility of late-season spraying, and the Fast 500 and 750 BW Sprayer has an adjustable boom from 19" to 52".

Powder-Coat Paint


When you make an investment in equipment, you want it to last, which is why Fast's equipment is all finished with baked-on powder coat paint. Powder coat paint gives equipment great resistance to harsh chemicals, which leads to a longer life and better resale value for you.






Tank/Cart Features

Tank Design

Fast designed their patented tanks to include a large troughed sloped sump with an additional drop down for maximum cleanout of product so you can be sure there is no product left in the tank for an extended amount of time and this allows the pump to stay primed on long slopes. The tanks low profile design also allows for better rear vision than other tank styles. The Fast BW is offered in both 750 and 500 gallon capacities.

High Crop Clearance Frame

The BW cart is specifically designed to have a high crop clearance frame, this not only improves yields by reducing crop damaging but also gives the operator more versatility with an option of late season spraying without having to worry about the sprayer coming in contact with your crop. The 500 and 750 have a frame clearance of 24" from under the axle.

Adjustable Axle Width/Tires

At Fast we know every operator needs a piece of equipment to fit their operation. That is why we offer the option of allowing the customer to choose the axle that fits their row spacing. The BW series offers an adjustable axle anywhere from 62" to 80" so this sprayer is sure to fit anyone's row spacing. The farmer can select between two tires with the BW: a 12.4x24" or an 11.2x38" both on an 8 bolt rim.



We understand that it’s important for all equipment to be clutter free and have easy access to areas that the operator may spend some time at. That is why the BW series is designed specifically to have an easy access platform with nothing mounted on the clutter-free platform. 














Hook-up with Ease

The BW is equipped with an EF model boom that requires only two tractor hydraulic valves, so the operator can spend less time setting up their sprayer and more time in the field killing weeds.


Hydraulic Accumulated Center Section

We know that killing weeds is a top priority, so we incorporated a hydraulic accumulated center section, providing a superior boom ride. The BW series is equipped with a self-stabilizing boom this means an unbeatable tip-to-target spray pattern, and ultimately, great weed kill.

Boom Sizes

The BW series offers boom sizes in 45' and 60', so the operator is able to select the size that best matches up with their planting width.

Breakaway with Fore and Aft Movement

We know mistakes can and will happen in the field, which is why the BW is equipped with a breakaway that will return automatically. We have designed our break-away so it is light weight yet extremely durable so it will be able to stand up to coming into contact with fence posts or trees.


Model9600N/TF (60'-100')9500TF (60'-100')9500T (120'-132')953P (60'-100')Big Wheel (45' or 60')
Transport Height10'7" (60') 11'10" (90')10'8" (60') or 11'11" (100')13'3"N/A (Tractor Dependent)8'4" (500 BW)
Transport Width10'1" - 60', 66', 88', 90' (N) 12'3" - 80', 100' (TF)12'3" (100')12'4"12'3"8'1" (500 BW)
Transport Length18' 5"21'6"23'10"12'9"17'6"(500 BW)
Transport Weight Empty7620 (9613N 90')8300 (9518 90')11860 (9518T 120')5,620 (90')3240 (500 BW)
Field Weight Tanks Full19780 (9613N 90')24090 (9518 90')27200 (9518T 120')9,620 (500 Gal 90') 11,880 (750 Gal 90')8320 (500 BW)
Tank Size Gallons1050 or 13501800 or 24001800 or 2400500 or 750500 or 750
Boom Sizes60', 66', 80', 88', 90', 100'60', 66', 80', 88', 90', 100'120' or 132'60', 66', 80', 88', 90', 100'45' (BW500) or 60' (BW750)
Tank Rinse System100 Gallon Rinse Tank100 Gallon Rinse Tank100 Gallon Rinse Tank50 Gallon Rinse Tank50 Gallon Rinse Tank
Standard PumpAce 150-206F (60',66') or Ace 205-304F (80'-100')Ace 205-304FAce 205-304FAce 150-206F (60',66') or Ace 205-304F (80'-100')Ace 150-206F or Ace 540 PTO
Tires13.6x38" or 320/90R46 380/90R46 or 480/80R50380/90R46 or 480/80R50N/A12.4x24" or 11.2x38"
Dual Wheel CapabilityYes: 62"-120", 80"-120", 88"-132" Yes: 62"-120", 80"-120", 88"-132" Yes: 62"-120", 80"-120", 88"-132" N/ANo
Quick Fill2"3"3"2"2"
Hitch-pin-to-axle length152"175"175"N/A144" (500 BW)

Big Wheel Literature

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